Monday, June 30, 2014

Living Like An Antelope. . .

Monday, June 30, 2014
The antelope, the impala, can be found perusing savannas in the continent of Africa. The impala can reach running speeds of 56 miles per hour and can jump 33 feet in the air. Now this same impala, when placed behind the walls of a zoo, will not jump over the wall even though he is more than capable. This may seem strange, but there is a valid reason behind this bizarre fact. That reason is that the impala will not jump over anything if they cannot see what is on the other side. Unlike the impala, humans have the ability to have faith. Having a certain brain capacity, we as humans understand that sometimes you may not know what is on the other side of the wall, but you must still take that leap anyway. Life is filled with questions we don’t know the answers to and sometimes it takes a jump over a wall to take us to the next step. Some people will take that leap, having faith that the outcome will be the best. Then, there are the other people who risk becoming stagnant as a result of not taking that leap. So why is it that some people have such a hard time accepting this concept we call faith, while others can go along with it like a leaf in the wind?

         Faith is the confidence or trust in something or someone. It is a belief that is not based off proof. It’s simply you jumping over the wall, as stated before, and waiting to see what comes next. Now don’t jump to conclusions and assume that this ‘faith’ I speak is that of religion, because it isn’t , although I’m not excluding it. The concept of faith manaifest itself in our day-to-day lives in many ways we may not even realize. You’re having a rough patch in your relationship, but you don’t leave because you believe it will get better. Faith. You invested in a friend’s new company with high hopes that it will be profitable, but there’s no telling. Faith. So if faith is displayed so commonly through the lives of some, why is it that others don’t take too kindly to the idea?

         Your answer to this question may be different than me. It may even be better! My diagnosis is that patient that’s oh so allergic to this good thing called faith has a severe case of fear, maybe even a chronic case! You’re afraid. You don’t take that chance. You get nowhere. Living life in fear of what may or may not happen is not living at all. Just think to yourself what if all the icons of the world held back their extroadinary ideas in the name faith? We’d be existing in a completely different world – possibly one worse than the one we are currently in. At the end of the day you can’t make the basket if you don’t shoot the ball. So what if you fail? Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and use what didn’t work to get you to what will.


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  1. It is a pleasure to see the mind at work and the wheels turning, figuring the concepts and ideals of life. As the concept of faith has taking your mind on a journey to discovery there will be many other journeys to discovery - not all as simple as faith....Thanks for an enchanting read and journey through your thoughts...I almost could see the wheels spinning - Keep it up, There are many mysteries to unveil....Good Luck with all.


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