Saturday, June 28, 2014

What Is Cheese?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

This thing we call life is all very simple…

Cheese is curdled milk. Gross & spoiled, yet people are still able to appreciate it and use it for what it’s worth. Lasagna, PIZZA, grilled cheese! These are all universally loved foods. We as humans have the ability to take the worst situations and transform them into the best, yet we seem to struggle to do this in our personal lives.

Life is very simple because all though it may sound very cliché, all it takes is knowing what you want to do & GETTING IT DONE! I guess the occasional curve ball life throws can knock you off track but the key is to expect the unexpected. Take lemons and make lemonade! I’m not sure what most people’s ultimate life goal is, but mine is TRUE HAPPINESS. I strive for complete and utter bliss, with the absence of temporary feelings like anger & disappointment, which often take over and take down the joy that we have.

Though it may not be an easy road, it’s a road worth traveling. We are only given one life. So take that cheese, go find some ham and feast on a sandwich made with your own vision and self-love. IF you miss someone, tell him or her. If you want to buy something, work for it. Keep it simple, go one step at a time and just do it… LIVE. 


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