Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fuel To The Fire

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Today I was sitting in statistics class when we began to explore a new chapter in the text. The topic was correlation, the branch of statistics that deals with the relationship between numbers. The professor then posed the question "how many people are needed for a relationship to take place" and the class answered collectively, "two". So I looked around and I said, "um that's a lie, I have a relationship with self. Me, myself, and I". Of course that was just me over thinking things as I usually do, but it really did get my wheels turning. So maybe in statistics the answer "two" may suffice but in life, just as my classmates did, people often look outside of one's self for what they can really retrieve from within. There are so many times in life when the bond with another is chosen over the bond with self. So why is it that we as humans can so easily sacrifice our healthy relationships with self for others? 

In Psychology Today, Dr Melanie Greenberg writes that the biggest struggle in life is to know, embrace, and accept ourselves. Maybe that is why people choose to overlook their relationship with themselves - its avoidance. If you take a second to examine your life you will probably realize you have cherished relationships that you nurture in order for proper maintenance and growth. The same effort we put into these exterior relationships, we should also invest in ourselves. The one thing I pride myself on is actually being a good friend. It is important to remember that you, just like the other people in your life need the tender love and care you give out. The way you fight for that friend you’ve known for years, fight for yourself. The way you forgive that boyfriend who continuously hurts you, forgive yourself. The way you go out of your way for your siblings, sacrifice for you.

The good thing about this self-love is that it’s somewhat innate and I like to believe that as we grow up life has a way of dimming its blaze. Be the fuel that ignites the fire of your love of self. We are all guilty of neglecting self, even me, but it’s important to recognize that action and reverse it. Spend time with yourself, be productive and lead a life that will result in your happiness and only then will you gain the ability to embrace yourself and truly love you. Dwelling on your flaws does not feed self love but rather promotes a negative self image. We only get one body. We only get one life. We must make the absolute best of it even if everything in our life isn't the way we would have personally designed it. The most important relationship you will ever encounter is that with yourself because you can give to you, what no one else can. Commit to yourself and love you as you expect others to. 

Love for you is not only acceptance, but also true care and respect. Holding such feelings for yourself is nothing but conducive to living a happier life. Valuing yourself will ensure you take proper care by means of prohibiting any and all things that attempt to bring you down or take you off track. When you love someone else there’s always that chance that said love can be unrequited, but this love is a love in its own class. Not only is the risk of unrequited love not a factor here but also you know exactly what to do to truly fulfill yourself even if you may not realize it yet. Martin Luther King Jr. changed an entire country with a little bit of love, so just think of the impact your love for yourself can have on your life.

Brionna :) 

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